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Name:Writing Religion: Asking Questions With Open Minds
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Community description:fiction, fanfiction, nonfiction- come on in!
If you are an author, writing something that has to do with religion (a religious character, or community, or tradition, etc.) and you need a little help with your research, please feel free to ask any questions here. This is not the end-all be-all home of knowledge of the thousands of years of religious history, but perhaps it can help you along your way.

This is NOT a place to debate religion, theology, or to try to convert people. This is strictly a research community. Because of the occasionally volatile nature of religious discussion, it is necessary to become a member of this community before posting.

Community Rules:
1. Follow the Dreamwidth Terms of Service. No stalking, no threats, no tar and feathering, etc.
2. You may not insult anyone on the basis of their religion. That said, feel free to insult one another on any other basis you like. If that's how you want to spend your free time, the moderator has better things to do than babysit you. The moderator reserves the right to wade in.
3. DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS. No, seriously, I mean it.
4. Anyone acting like a prick will probably get called names by the mod, in sterling kindergarten fashion, for it.
5. Feel free to answer someone else's question (in a serious and thoughtful manner, please) if you happen to know it, with one requirement: CITE YOUR SOURCE. If you don't, the moderator will come along and shame you publicly for it. (Saying "I'm a practicing member of this religion" does count, but if you belong to a different sect than what the OP is talking about, or it's been awhile since you've looked into what they're talking about, please say so.)
6. When posting a question, please use the tags system to see if anybody's asked it recently.

If you're willing to follow these rules, please don't hesitate to introduce yourself!

Who is your moderator?
Hi, I'm Quin Firefrorefiddle. I'm currently working on entering the Christian clergy in a mainline Protestant denomination in America, and am just finishing up the tail-end of my Master's of Divinity degree (three years academic work) to do so. I've been reading and writing fanfiction (and other fiction) for well over a decade now. I'm not usually thrilled about sharing my political views with random people, but to put folks at ease, I will say I am pro-choice, pro-homosexual rights, pro-civil liberties, and really really rabid about the separation of church and state. I also can't stand people who use religion as a fear-mongering tool. That said, I've also spent several years working in libraries, and am a strong supporter of free speech as well. This means I'm okay with people disagreeing with me and saying so- though I will remind you, this is a research community and not a place to debate religion. I might not know the answer to your question off the top of my head, but I can probably help you find it.
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